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This page is the main link for posting and reading entries with our current Guest Book server.  In an effort to free up some valuable space I have now withdrawn those entries which were with our former server, who closed down without warning in the Summer of 2002.  However, I still have all those entries saved, so if anyone would like to receive them as a download, they can request them from me by this link.

The server of our Guest Book allows only a limited of amount of space for each entry. I'm not in a position to know how many keystokes it is, so if you find your entry has ended in the middle of a word, you will know the reason why.  Keep your entries brief and don't use the Guest Book as a Discussion Forum.

Please do not post personal messages to another contributor, if you already have a valid e-address with which to contact them, (this includes ones to myself).  Be very careful when entering your e-address, as the entries giving incorrect ones will be deleted. If you have given it correctly, you will get an automatic e-mail in response. If you were Vindi, please include your year, month and course. This Guestbook is moderated and the right is reserved  to delete any unsuitable posts. Vindi/MN related posts only please and no Fo'c'sle Head language. You are reminded that the posting of entries on any Guest Book in Upper Case only (Capitals) is considered to be 'bad form' and will not be allowed to appear.

    I have again made the inclusion of an e-address in the header a mandatory item, to deter the anonymous sniping entries which are creeping in.  Any found to have a false address will be deleted.

  Entries do not automatically appear on the Guest Book, they are notified to me first by the server. 

A lot of the entries on the Guest Book concern requests from Vindi Boys looking for Squad Photos and individual members of their squad.  I have do have a few posted on the "Squad Photos" page, and you can always try an entry on a  page called 'Looking for.." where all these type of requests can be viewed in one place.  


General TSVA enquiries should not be left on the board, but addressed to Martin Longhurst, the Correspondence Secretary.

Website enquiries should be directed to Robin Hurst (Site Bosun).

To view the pages of the current Guest Book, click on this link

To make and entry on the Guest Book, click on this link

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