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Requests are often made for Squad Photos and the whereabouts of individual squad mates in the Guest Book, so I wondered if a page devoted solely to these request might be of help to our membership.  It will be the responsibility of members to contact me with their requests and valid e-mail address, which will be linked to the entry.  Please be brief and as specific as you can with your entries; a starting date of your course would be better than 'sometime in the Summer of...".   Requests should be sent to 'Looking for.." .

     To contact someone who has made an entry, click on their title name in red. If you have an entry up under your name, and subsequently change your e-address, please let me know.


Bob Montgomery V57 C   R678980. Is looking for  D. Paul  (R 678952) from Dundee.  I think he was catering intake July /August/September 1957    Doing a bit of research and am sure it was him and I that caught the 9.00 PM train from Dundee to South Shields on the 10th September 57 heading to join our first ships ????  We met under the clock on Taybridge station and were dressed identically with blue serge/beret/and fawn coloured trench coats  couldn't miss !!!!!!!!!   thatís where we were issued with rail warrants and the usual spiel by the Pool man. I just got a bit melancholy and thought I'd see what would happen with a search you never know,but we are all now on the wrong side of 65 ?????

Steve Cannon  Is looking for any Deckie Vindiboys who trained with him between 10th Jan and 1st April 1966 and would love to see any photos of our intake

Bob Malcolm  R780029 is looking for any of his Deck Squad who were at the Vindi from Oct '62 into Feb '63, in particular  for three other suspects  R780043 P H Pickersgill,  R780042 P C Lucas, and  R780037 M J Rudd. . For those who need reminding, it was the winter of the Big Freeze as witnessed by the slide show of pictures which are now on the website

   Roy Morgan    Vindi May to July 1948 Deck. Discharge Book No. R412163. I'm looking for Squad Mates  R412151 K M Noble, R412155 G W Evans,  R412156 R Chandler, R412158  Ernie Wright,  R412159  Roy Reeves, R412169 B J A Wray, and  also Ted Jackson  of our Squad

Arthur Woollard, R706094, Class of April-June 1959. Looking for anyone at Vindi at that time, particularly R706094 Terry Powley aka Cowboy (address then was Bird-in-Hand, Ellingham, near Bungay, Norfolk).

Terry Watts from Doncaster R720353. I was at Vindi from January-February 1960,  Catering. Does anyone remember me or Tommy Moore who lived in Bootle, Liverpool or have any photos? Thanks.

Norman Thrower R564814 is looking a squad photo of Deck, August 20th to October 26th 1951.

Hugh Dennis  R664810. I was at the Vindi from November 5th, 1956 to January 11th, 1957. I would appreciate any pictures or contact with shipmates  who were of my time. If you have any information please forward it to this e-mail address.  misty6@mcsnet.ca  Thank you.

Terry Gosling,  is looking for Ian McArther. I stayed aboard the Vindicatrix when I met him in '59. I was serving in the Royal Navy at the time, he was a brother of a school friend of mine was in training on the Vindicatrix and I was on HMS Starling visiting Bristol.  I came to visit and stayed the night, (l enjoyed the porridge!). Just lost touch, as you do.  Can anyone help?

W. D Francis I have got my fathers seaman's pouch from Nat Archives, R294680 William Donald Francis which include pic of him aged 17. He was on Vindicatrix in September, October and November 1943.I wondered if anyone remembered him from those days or indeed if any photos from that era. He was from Liverpool. Any knowledge gratefully received.

Jimmy Carroll  from Liverpool is looking for a Deck class photograph from October 1964 to Dec 1964, his Discharge Book number is R808050,   Jimmy remembers the names of R808060 S Kennedy (Bosuns mate at the Vindi) who he sailed with on his first trip and R808052 D H Smith from Hull.

John Turner. R535818. I was on the Vindi from 8th May to 19th.July 1950.
Is there any Vindi boy with any photos of that time. Best of luck to all Vindi boys wherever you may be.


Ian William Caulfield asks, Is there any information of my being at the Training School between '59-'61approx as deck boy, then as chippies mate on boat deck I served most of my time on the Port Vindex, until she was scrapped. (Note:- The best way of finding the time you were at the Vindi, is to work it back from when you joined the MN. If you no longer have your seamen's records, is to get copies of them from the National Archives at Kew, providing that they are not withheld by their '30 year Rule'. Contact me for advice on how this can be done, or visit the Archive page on this site. Robin Website Bosun


Robin- Website Bosun I have been asked if anyone out there has a Squad Photo of the Deckies who left the Vindi on Friday 18th Feb '49, their Discharge Book Nos. would have been in the region of R5014** 

 Ian Houghton R645315, is looking for any shipmates who sailed with him on the Crystal Jewel up to the Great Lakes from 23 10 63 until 26 1 64, particularly, R Colaluca ,Tommy Orr, B Ogden , Derek Brown , A F Brown, John Daly, Dan Hedges, and S H Meyerhoff

Duncan Adam, the son of  R596502 Alexander Adam (Jock), Vindi summer of 1953, Deck, is looking for any photos of his squad, or maybe anyone of around his time
  R596491 MARSDEN K 14/08/1936 SHAW       
  R596492 HITCHCOCK G B 11/03/1937 ALDERSHOT       
  R596493 MCMURAY A 19/03/1937 ABERDEEN       
  R596494 ACKROYD E C 01/01/1936 SKIPTON       
  R596495 BARTER R E 01/01/1937 BOURNEMOUTH       
  R596496 CARR B T 08/03/1936 SOUTHAMPTON       
  R596498 SADLER A 25/11/1936 STOCKTON ON TEES       
  R596499 TITHERINTON J 10/10/1936 LIVERPOOL       
  R596500 SIZER S 30/08/1936 MIDDLESBROUGH       
  R596501 HARRISON P V 21/02/1936 SOUTHPORT
  R596502 ADAM A D 28/06/1936 STONEHAVEN       
  R596503 DAY P 30/07/1936 LOWESTOFT       
  R596504 HUTCHISON D H 28/08/1936 DUNDEE       
  R596505 ZVANOVICH R 02/01/1937 POLAND      
  R596506 COOKE J P 19/10/1936 LIVERPOOL       
  R596508 HETHERINGTON B 22/07/1936 MIDDLESBROUGH       
  R596509 MCCONWAY K 01/07/1936 GREENOCK       
  R596511 LAWLER P W 07/09/1936 LIVERPOOL       
  R596512 JAMES A A 05/07/1936 FRAITH       
  R596513 CUTLER N 03/01/1937 WOLVERHAMPTON       
  R596514 KELLY K 04/12/1936 SHREWSBURY      
  R596515 BARKER H J 13/07/1936


Alec Pearson  A Deckie of 23rdMay-29th July '60 Deck, is looking for his mate in this picture

James Tindill R634737asks. Anyone on the Catering Training course 25/07/55 - 02/08/55 especially the guy I joined and eventually shipped out with as first trippers on Good Hope Castle on 13/09/55. Possibly it was E Elliot, R634730, from Carlisle.

Bernard (Paddy) Forward. R820392. Hi there I'm looking to catch up with mates from Catering who were there from June until Aug. '65. Please get in touch

Dave Scammell R753453 asks - Is there anyone who was on the same deck course as me around 28th March 1961.  I would love to hear from you..

.A (Tony) Harben asks, " Was I the only Deckie who trained on the Vindi from December 14th. 1959 until February 19th. 1960.? I have searched the Vindi records but cannot find anyone or even a photo of our mob. Can anyone help? My Discharge Book number is R720357

Billy 'Geordi' Hogg R737722 Catering- 1960 October - December  Is looking for squad mates around at the time.R737725 Alan Murray; R737723 Basil Jolly; R737735 John Orr; R737712 K. Armstrong from Kendal; R737724 Eddie McGee; R737716 Brian Lee and the Cockney lads- or anyone else around. Photo would be good but can't remember any being taken.

Jude Spencer-White.  My Fatherís name is Kenneth John Spencer. DOB 29th May 1936. He joined the Vinicatirix in June 1953

John Malone R673890  Catering 20th May-28th June is looking for the two other suspects who were in this 1957 Sport Day photo with him.

.Mike Hall Is looking for more pictures of the Vndi site and a plan of the site if it exists.

Ken Williams is Looking for...anyone who was on the Deck intake May/July 1952  My email is gerry.w@slingshot.co.nz

Roger Price (Brummie) R720625. Looking for squad photo, Catering ( C 2 ? )from 15-2-1960 to25-3-1960, also ,anyone who was on the m/v Suffolk on the China trip from May to Dec 1960

Ken Rowe  Hi hut A2.  I'm Ken Rowe R404105 Deck Jan 19--Apr 4 .1948. I'm  looking for C. Sayers . R. Nunn. or anyone on the squad photo ?.have a look on squad photos.  Come on mates, just a email or a phone call away .

Brian Jessop  R626855 would like photo of group from 7 2  55  to 15 4 55 don't know if one exists but would be pleased to hear from any one from that time.  I was Deck.        

Alan Percy  (R779852)   Joined the Vindi  on  the Catering November 1962-December 1962. I would like to hear  from any of the lads in hut B1  that might remember me from that time. It would be nice to know how everyone got on. In particular Alan Norman from Southampton who I later sailed with on the Mauritania August 1964-December 1964. , and also R779849 Trott D  R779850 Brown W  R779839 Bertram J  R779842 Frost AM  R779842 Geraghty PJ. 

 I attended Llandarcy CT College in September 1969 till December 1969.  I am from Newcastle

Jim Stent   My name is Jim Stent R753507 Catering 5th June 1961 to 14th July 1961.  Is there anyone out there who was around then, particularly, R779849 Trott D  R779850 Brown W  R779839 Bertram J  R779842 Frost AM  R779842 Geraghty PJ.  Unfortunately I haven't any photos of those days and would love to see some and make contact.Does anyone remember the "grudge" boxing matches on a Friday night?

Kevin Fowler  R808158 is looking for a copDeck y of his Oct.'64 to Jan.'65 Squad Photo. He is also looking for contact with his other Squad Mates,  R808159 Jeff Dobson, R808160 Brian Bohannon, R808166 Brian Prime, R808167 Pat Prouse and R808101 Danny Watts. He has available a 'Mates Photo' of them together, a copy of which can be had on request from the Website Bosun

Roy Newell . R815853  April to May 1965.  Cat. Hut B1 . is looking for R815864 Michael Greene of 27, Quadrant St. Belfast 13, who was at the Vindi  the same time as I was.  Also, for  anyone who was on MV Londoner  Oct.  '68 to April' 69.

Doug Turner  R658808 Deck. Trained on the Vindi Mid July - 9th Oct. 1956 is looking for anyone who remembers me, also a copy of my Squad Photo

Fred Grice  To  all piss jackets on board in May to June1952 John Bainbridge (R576167). Lofty Lorrie,' Jock'.  Our trainers were John Wayne. Ginger. Popeye ( deck instructor) If you made the knot, you name a well known saying of his. If you can remember, as a group we nicked a small wooden keg from the farmer it was full of scumpy. Jock passed out.  Fred Grice (R576170)   A Vindi Boy, now in his seventies.  t315t@bigpond.com

Roy Bridger R626966 Is looking for John Mouton R626967. Deck 1955

Gareth Evans  R648585 llanberis Caemarfon, Vindi Jan.to March '56 is looking for Tony Goddard  from Rhosneigr,  Anglesey.  and on the Shell Tanker MV  Hemisiunus.

  Ray Witkowski  Deck' 64  R801218 on the Vindi from 23/3/64 till12/6/64 is looking for class photo for that group, the only name remember is Stone Kibby? ? which is unusual.

Dave Morris Deck '60 Is  looking for a Bill Yates Vindi from 4/4/60-17/6/60 he was originally from Yorkshire. in 1960 his address was 38 Park St., South Kirby, near Pontifract Yorkshire. I did meet up with Jim Spratt. (Bosun's note:- On 13th Feb '11 Dave Morris writes "I finally made contact with Bill Yates today. Some one found a Bill Yates on the Electoral Roll so I wrote and the letter went to everyone in his family till he got it.")

Mike Lynch  R709842   Aug.-late Sept '59 Catering; first ship Belgrade 24/8.59.  Is looking for anyone who can remember him him when he was at the Vindi?

Jimmy Gallacher R648566 Deck from Wigan. is looking for Tony Sweeney from Liverpool who was at the Vindi  with me during Jan/ Feb/March 1956.  We sailed together on the 'St.Tudno'.  I'm also looking for John Bird from Birkenhead,  we were together on Lamport and Holt's South America run

M.Harvey is looking for looking for. George Smith Deck Squad 26 3 1956. Intake number 600/027.

Ray (Taff) Jones R664517 is looking for  John Helmke R664518 (Dutch) at the Vindi late 1956. "We met at  Lydney Station and became good mates. Also for  T.E.Findlay R664502, G.W.Amies, R 664512, and B.E. Best  R664522"

Lisa Watts, asks  if anyone has got any photographs of a Class of 1952 Deck Ė  She is looking for looking for pictures of her father,  Alfred Jackson (Johnny) Watts.R587894 also known as John Benham..
Terry G Lowe, R807951 14.9.1964 to the 6.11.1964 Catering. Is looking for some of his shipmates from that time.   He has lost his group photograph. His contact address is.:
Mr T G Lowe
42 Cambridge Street
LE12 9HW

Alan Budd R737752 Oct/Dec 1960 Deck, is looking for Dougie Reeves R737658

Gilly Stook who with her husband Alan, run the shop which was formerly the Post Office at Sharpness, is asking if any VindIboy would like to add to the considerable collection she already has of Squad Photos and other bits of personal memorabilia from Vindiboy's  days at Sharpness.  Every year, she places her collection on display during the Reunion weekend.  I know of more than one Vindiboy who has been reunited with an old shipmate at the Reunion through finding him in Gilly's collection.

Contributions can be sent by email to gilly@stook.co.uk or by post to :-

22, Dock Road,
GL13 9UA

 Bill Marshall (South Shields) R744231 Catering Feb/March 1961, remembers Vindiboys

Rob. Hamilton,  Graham Crocker,  A.J.Lewis, R744255 A.Mayne, R744251, Norman McDowell, R744230, David Evans, R744200
Billy Henry, R744245, Don Sargeant, Brian White, R744243,  Tony Elliman, R744246. Ian McSween, R744241. Dave Casey, Harry Elliot, R744248, Dennis Ruddy, R744229, Alan Harrison, R744234, John Maundrell,  R744199. J.McKinley, Trevor ? (Portsmouth),  Michael Pearson, R744250, Alan Bird, R744236

If anyone have memories of the time  please get in touch.



R599687 Harry Lockwood

September 1953 - November 1953.


Charlie   Kirby   Has anyone out there got any info or possibly a photo of Deck course 2nd July to Sept 1956; Memory very dim. Cheers

Colin Hawken  R510709  from Southampton and still living there, is looking for...  Eddie Hunter,  Bill Hicks and John Roger. Vindi Boys (Deck) April-June 1949 with him. Eddie was from South Shields. Bill was Ship's/Camp Bosun.  It would be good to hear from one or all of them.

Mike Cresswell  R678920 Is trying to locate a Deck Squad photo for the period of 17-6-57 to 23-8-57. He's been looking for ages but with no success.
Tim Bailey  R767736 Vindi Jan. to 20th April '62,  is looking for other Members of his Deck Squad. In particular  R767722 BOYLE and R767723 JOHNSON D A   Tim isn't online but he can be contacted at 7, Steventon Road, Thrybergh, ROTHERHAM S65 4EU

Franny Conlin I have a a Squad Photo from Jan. Feb March 1961but can't rememeber all the names so here are about a dozen , Pat McCauliffe, Billy Lovering, Richie Bradshaw, Jimmy Rice, John Brady, Stan Alexander, Tommy Morris Sinbad [the bigun]  Errol McKensie, two lads lads from Wallasey, Cheshire Stuart & Gaham, a lad from St Helens --sorry just can't remember other names--all brilliant lads----there is another squad photo out there with these lads and more on it...Davy Bazzatelli, 'Smush' Williamson, -Bobby Jeffers  to name a few. The missing photo has twenty eight Scousers on it.

H. Colin Smith is Looking for...Intake June-August 1957 Deck,  Discharge Book Number R678810.
I have just visited the Old Camp at Sharpness for the first time since my enjoyable spell as a Decky there in 57.  I did not realise the Association existed until  had a chat with  a chap on a motor boat  in the  canal  basin. I doubt very much if any pictures of  our group exist since I distinctly remember sending at least one photographer  away with a flea in his ear. I'm looking forward to examining your Web site and looking to see if any names come to mind..Thanks for the opportunity..

Rachel Breen I'm looking for anyone that trained with my late father R730698 Antrim Breen from Gorleston, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk. According to his Discharge Records, he was there for 6 weeks catering around November 1960. The record copies I recieved from the National Archive unfortunately tell me nothing of which ship he joined - if indeed he sailed at all - after his training etc.. I would love to hear from anyone with any information, and hopefully a photo. Many thanks,

Alex Whyte. R 645539 VB [deck] from 28 Dec 55 to 2 March 56. Sailed mostly out of Grangemouth -Leith and Middlesborough with the Currie Line, BP, Royal Mail, Shell, Tate and Lyle, MacGregors. Happy days at the Vindi, so hungry that Pete Stacey R645442 [Steatham, London] and I broke into the ships stores and took a slab of bacon along with bread and margarine. The boys in hut A9 feasted well that night after we grilled the bacon on the hut stove.

Would like to catch up with Big Bill Pike [Lake Penask] Derrick Collier [Vindi] Also Tam McDonald and Ian Cambell [Rutland  Shetland and Pineland.

Tam last known to be in New Zealand and Ian in Stirling.  So many happy memories, wish I could do it all again.

28th Mar. '09

Mike Sutton (R801366 May to July '64, Catering) would like to find two Scouse boys plus any others who were in his Squad, He doesn't remember their names, but can still remember their faces as if it was yesterday.
Some of them should be on this list

 R801350 TEMPLEMAN W A 20/07/1948 HULL    
 R801351 BARTLETT G H 17/03/1947 BRISTOL    
 R801352 JONES C B 01/01/1947 OLDHAM   
 R801353 MCGOWAN P 02/04/1947 STIRLING   
 R801354 GROVER M A 16/09/1947 BECKENHAM    
 R801355 EBBAGE A B 20/02/1947 GORLESTON    
 R801356 DONNELLY J 15/03/1947 BLISWORTH   
 R801360 GRAY A J 17/07/1948 GLASGOW    
 R801361 EDWARDS J 24/02/1948 LIVERPOOL    
 R801363 BURROWS P K 18/02/1947 SALFORD    
 R801364 PERCIVAL J 11/01/1947 DUNDEE    
 R801365 STEWART R 18/05/1948 GLASGOW    
 R801366 SUTTON M E 04/03/1948 HEMPNALL    
 R801367 BAXTER D S 01/12/1947 WILTSHIRE.    
 R801369 MCCARTEN G J 01/11/1947 WOOLTON
 R801370 LAWRENCE A 03/05/1947 CHESHIRE      
 R801371 WAINES C J 18/05/1947 BRUDLINGTON       
 R801372 WEDLAKE J L 24/09/1947 PORTSMOUTH     
 R801373 MELLISH D R 04/06/1947 MAESTEG       
 R801374 BLACKMAN P 01/04/1947 TOTTENHAM       
 R801376 WILLETTS J R 01/06/1947 SOUTHEND  
 R801377 SHAW G V 05/03/1948 SUNDERLAND      
 R801379 HUNTER M 21/12/1946 MIDDLESBROUGH       
 R801380 MCCARTHY T A 22/04/1947 DONCASTER       
 R801381 WIGHAM P M 16/12/1947 SALISBURY       
 R801382 RICHES P J 10/03/1947 SPORLE NORFOLK       
 R801383 GOODMAN I M 27/12/1947 LIVERPOOL      
 R801384 SHAW J M 12/05/1947 AYR       
 R801385 SKEATES E T 29/03/1947 LANCASTER

Bernard Hale (Bunny).    I am looking for a squad photo of hut C1 deckies between 21/9/1953 & 27/11/1953. I can't remember having one taken but perhaps someone has one I also have quite a few names of boys who were in the squad at the same time.

John Kieran and Eugene Doherty  are looking for contact with any of their Deck Squad of Feb. '62, particularly the remembered names highlighted in blue on this list.

  BT 372/2451/15 R767834 CARR W 08/12/1945 WALTON LIVERPOOL   
  BT 372/2451/16 R767835 HENDRY P 11/01/1945 BRADFORD    
  BT 372/2451/17 R767836 STURMAN R S 14/03/1946 GORLESTON ON SEA    
  BT 372/2451/18 R767837 JENKERSON D A 20/01/1946 STIRLING   
  BT 372/2451/19 R767838 OWEN D 09/05/1946 GRIMSBY 
  BT 372/2451/20 R767839 STYLES D L 12/06/1946 MALVERN    
  BT 372/2451/21 R767840 CHIPP R 27/09/1945 SEAHAM COUNTY DURHAM    
  BT 372/2451/22 R767841 TURNER M S 07/06/1946 NEWINGTON    
  BT 372/2451/23 R767842 GREIG C 27/04/1946 NEWCASTLE    
  BT 372/2451/24 R767843 BASS J P 03/01/1946 LIVERPOOL    
  BT 372/2451/25 R767844 NICHOLSON D 04/05/1945 EDINBURGH    
  BT 372/2451/26 R767845 STOKES K 28/11/1944 BROWNHILLS  STAFFORDSHIRE   
  BT 372/2451/27 R767846 WILKINS D C 30/09/1944 BIRMINGHAM    
  BT 372/2451/28 R767847 JOHNSON K 03/05/1946 GUILDFORD   
  BT 372/2451/29 R767850 BLACKHAM L D 08/08/1945 MIDDLESBROUGH
  BT 372/2451/30 R767851 TULLY R W 27/07/1945 FALMOUTH      
BT 372/2451/31 R767852 REID G 13/04/1945 GLASGOW      
BT 372/2451/32 R767853 RUMSEY M J V 08/05/1945 BRIGHTON 
BT 372/2451/33 R767854 WALLIS J E 16/05/19 46 GRAVESEND       
BT 372/2451/34 R767855 KIERAN J D 27/08/1944 DAGENHAM     
BT 372/2451/35 R767856 BROUGHTON J H 24/10/1944 DONCASTER   
  BT 372/2451/36 R767857 MCGINLEY H R 23/03/1946 LONDONDERRY       
  BT 372/2451/37 R767858 DOHERTY E A 12/06/1944 CARNDONAGH    
BT 372/2451/38 R767860 BAKER A J 18/07/1945 BRIDGWATER  
  BT 372/2451/39 R767861 MURRAY G G 04/10/1944 ABERDEEN    
  BT 372/2451/40 R767862 DASS C R 30/06/1944 ABERDEEN      
  BT 372/2451/41 R767864 HOSKEN R G 31/12/1944 STAMFORD  
  BT 372/2451/42 R767865 HARRIS A J 28/05/1946 DUNDEE    
  BT 372/2451/43 R767866 WILKINSON W 24/05/1946 WALLSEND       
  BT 372/2451/44 R767868 THOMPSON W 08/08/1945 NEWCASTLE  
  BT 372/2451/45 R767869 GILMOUR M 18/07/1945 BIRMINGHAM  
  BT 372/2451/46 R767870 REYNOLDSON W A 25/09/1944 RYHOPE     
  BT 372/2451/47 R767871 BUCKINGHAM R 02/01/1946 WATFORD     
  BT 372/2451/48 R767872 AYLESBURY J G 31/07/1945 ABERTILLERY      
  BT 372/2451/49 R767873 WILKIN D W 03/08/1945 CARLISLE     
  BT 372/2451/50 R767874 HALL P J 09/12/1945 WEYMOUTH     
  BT 372/2451/51 R767875 BLACKETT S J 07/02/1945 BARROW    
  BT 372/2451/52 R767876 MITCHELL W F 28/08/1944 LUNAN BAY       
  BT 372/2451/53 R767877 AUSTIN P R 30/05/1946 HERNE BAY       
  BT 372/2451/54 R767878 SAVILLE F S 11/02/1945 CHELMSFORD       
  BT 372/2451/55 R767879 HENRY T J 15/11/1944 BARROW IN FURNESS  
  BT 372/2451/56 R767880 EVANS J M 10/08/1944 DARLINGTON      
  BT 372/2451/57 R767881 WEST R K 16/08/1945 EDGWARE      
  BT 372/2451/58 R767882 BURNETT A 05/12/1945 FRASERBURGH      
  BT 372/2451/59 R767883 ROOSE D J 26/12/1945 SLOUGH  

Roland Phiip Mason  R705485 is looking for anyone from his Deck Squad from around late '57, In particular, his old school mate from Wolverhampton, Ronald Smith R702265.  My Squad Photo in on the site. 

Bryan William Colins R568953 - at Vindicatrix 19th November 1951 to 25th January 1952. I am his son and doing the family tree bit - would be grateful if anyone who knew him got in touch, especially if you have photos of the time. collinslettings@btinternet.com

Bob Goulden (Ginge)  R621469  I was at Vindi from Nov. 1954 until Jan.1955.  I would like squad photos, and would like to contact anyone from that time. I cannot remember my hut No:  I would also like to contact Colin from Birmingham who's Dad had a butcher's shop. 
 Ralph Harding R737660 from Liverpool, Vindi Oct.-Dec. 1960 Deck would love to hear from Dougie Reeves from Wembley R737658.    I would love to get in touch with him.  I have Squad Photo and another photo taken with him. 

I have tried for many years to make contact with him. 


 Norman Henry Clark is looking for old mates from Vindi, He joined in 1954. He has a shocker memory so he is going to give me a full list tomorrow, but in the meantime the only name that came to his old brain was Johnny Fenn.

Charles Bull is looking for Vindi mates from Jan 48  Deck.  Bill Boyd, Keith Gladwell ,or any of the boys on the squad photo supplied by Ken Rowe. 1948 .I  was Bosun's Mate of a Catering hut (B4 I think) I would be delighted to hear from anyone of the intake who might remember me so that we can swop stories. To contact Ken Rowe click here

Bob Hanley   I trained on the Vindicatrix around 1950 / 51 for deck crew No. R548321.    Are there details of the lads training at. that time. ?    My first ship was Port Chalmers . It developed engine problems in the Australian Bight and remained in Melbourne at first then limped to Sydney awaiting spares part s from England . Where might i obtain deck crew members names on that voyage? Note by The Bosun: Too late for the National Archives, Kew as there aren't any Crew Agreements for the Port Chalmers after those of 1950.


Robt. Skillen  R404134   I am writing on behalf of my cousin, Mr Robert G Skillen who was a Vindi boy from 16th Feb 1948 to 10th April 1948.  Attached is a photo of him, and hope to find some of his friends from that time .(picture taken later date).  I have looked on your site for a group picture at around that date but cannot find Robert (Bob) on any of them.

Alan Singleton

Eric Jacombe R698400 Is looking for his old squad mate Richard Andrews R698401 from their Deck Squad of July-Sept. 1958

Ian McCurry  I'm hoping to trace or get photographs of anyone who remembers family relative  R693408 Andy "Tiny" Bell who was on the Catering course I believe in May or possibly June of 1958. He hailed from Glasgow.

George Gathergood   R.294646  I'm looking for information and anyone who knew my dad George Gathergood born 12/1/26. He was at the Vindicatrix 1943 or thereabouts; I don't know much else. He was then on the 'Curacao' during the war for a short time.

I am his daughter Jayne. Any help would be appreciated, just trying to piece his Merchant Navy life together as I am a sea scout leader. Thank you.
 (Footnote by Robin, I have pointed Jayne in the direction of George's records at Kew and given her a contact for another Vindiboy, only 18 Discharge Book Nos. away)

David Benge R773853, is looking for old shipmate John Caddell, who  was an SOS in 63-64 on the English Star with him .

Doug Burgess   R669270  Catering, March 1957   I'm trying to make contact again with an old shipmate from the Vindicatrix, we were together in a Catering squad in March 1957 but I have lost contact with him over the years. His name is Neil Beech R669283 and he cames from Newport Gwent.  Any help you can give would be most appreciated.  I would also like to hear for any others from our Squad.
Aubrey John "Johnny" O'Rourke, Discharge Book No. R345156 .Can anyone please please give me any info on my Dad who passed away back in Sept 1999.  Dad was at the  Vindicatrix from 11th July - 21st Sept. '46.; Deck. He sailed on the Winchester Castle 3-10-46 to 25-11-46 and on the Fort Fraser 6-12-46 to 25-3-47; he was also on the Empire Ken  He then went into the Army and eventually joined the SAS.
    Please, anyone out there who may have known Dad or who have any pictures please contact me as I would  love to hear from you.
    I only have a tiny photo of him in uniform and 2 photos. one of the Vindicatrix and the other of the Empire Ken. I really look forward to hearing from anyone!!!
Lesley   lesley-carl@tiscali.co.uk

Jack Secker,

              I was at the Vindi Feb 28th - March 5th 1951. Hut C4 Then the Vindi. I am told there was a group pic taken, but I don't remember it, but would be grateful if anyone has one and would like to have a copy, I'm  willing to pay costs .  I'm also looking for Charlie Olliffe, Ginger Pearce and anyone else that was with me on the MV Andria from Jun '57 until Oct 57.  Jack Secker R553588

Terry Ryan R761313  2/10/61 to 8/12/61.Deck. Is looking for his old Squad Mates.  John Kelly, 'Taffy', from Hay on Wye./Gloucester,  'Geordie', Big Taffy'. and 'Mush'

PETER MUNDAY April 1950 or 51- I am unsure which year my late Father was on the Vindi but I would be interested to hear if anyone remembers him from those days or later when he was worked on various ships for Cunard - Esso and his last trip on the SANS PUER sailing to Japan. If anyone in the picture below would like to get in contact with me I would be grateful.

Left to right - Alan Peter (spike) Garvit, Jimmy Weston, Keith (tex) Peter Munday (front kneeing), J A Ward

Gerald Maddox ( Vindi 1948) looking for any information on Gordon John (Johnny) Parker (Vindi 1953) who sailed with me on S.S. Somerset 1953 and subsequently
on the m.v.Suffolk. His parents had a pub in East London during this time,the name of which escapes me. He was born in Berkeley Glos. Any news would be welcome

Ken Thompson (Deck) would like to find any info about anyone who was on the Vindi between 27/1/64 and 17/4/64.  Has anyone got any squad photos from this time too?

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